"Long Time Coming"

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 Album Credits

Recorded, Engineered, and Produced by: Ron Mahonin 
(Assistant Recordist Meg Evans)
Musical arrangements and all other instrumentation / orchestration composed / programmed / performed by: Ron Mahonin 
Mastered by:  Tom Samulak

Background vocals: Meg Evans, Ron Mahonin, Danny Diaz, Frank Moreland, RDEK Staff, (Cowboy)

Rhythm acoustic/electric and lead guitars: Dave Favell, Tom Muskovich (Gone),
Chet Risser (It’s Time, Where Did You Go) Larry Smith (It’s Time, Where Did You Go)
Pedal Steel: Reggie Duncan
Percussion: Zak Eburne (Stayin' Here) 
Fiddle: William Stewart


Long Time Coming, Cowboy
Trena Dergousoff, Shirley Gillison

C’mon Lets Go, Don’t Wanna, Gone
Trena Dergousoff, Ray Gareau

Trena Dergousoff, Bob Gollan

It’s Time
Trena Dergousoff, Music John Levesque, Lisa Humphreys, Chet Risser

Where Did You Go, Forever Yours, Stayin’ Here 
Trena Dergousoff

Not Today
Trena Dergousoff, Ray Gareau, Music Jamie Neve

Home Is Where the Heart Is
Ron Mahonin, Laura Ritchie